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Since pet care is an industry in flux, your needs could shift. Just know that we’ll be constantly adapting too, always ready to respond. IFPC is a high-tech approach to insurance with a vital human element–genuine concern for your interests. Add to that our specialized knowledge and dedicated team and you’ll find the solid protection your business demands. So get back to being the savvy entrepreneur you are, and leave the rest to us.

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Vets and Pets: Trust That Protects

Pet care is more specialized than ever before–it’s an industry on the move. And as a veterinary professional, client well-being is your top priority. But what happens if tech advancements and care techniques fall short? When things go wrong, everyone needs someone they can trust.

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Groomers and Pets: Well-Styled Protection

From household favorites to rare show specimens–your clients can run the gamut. And as a professional groomer, client health and safety are just as important as their looking good. But what happens when they have a bad day, and things go awry? That’s when you’ll want to turn to a trustworthy expert.

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Boarders and Pets: Protect and Provide

Pets make life interesting, but caring for them can be a real test. You could pass the professional bit with flying colors, but where will your business score when trouble strikes?

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