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4 Steps Marketing for Your Pet Care Business

So, you’ve got plans. Big plans. You’ve finished Vet school, groomed your thousandth dog, and you’ve basically been “boarding” pets since you got your own apartment. Now what?

Step 1: Got Marketing?

A marketing plan is essential for:

  • Building a name for yourself
  • Attracting new customers
  • Building your brand

What makes you special (aside from that winning smile)? Maybe the dogs you groom go from matted to masterpiece, or your boarding facility offers extra enrichment activities that blow away the competition. Before you start offering services, reflect on your unique talents and build your marketing plan around highlighting them.

woman and dog working on business website

Owning your strengths, lets current and potential clients know what skills you offer that no one else can, giving you an edge over the competition. But, really, did they ever even stand a chance?

Step 2: Is That What You’re Wearing?

Just kidding, you look great; but what about your website? One of the most important pieces of your business is your online presence, and your website is the flagship of that presence.

When Creating Your Website

  • Check out Design Trends
  • Scope Out the Competition
  • Consider the Customer

Creating a website that portrays you and your brand in all its awesome-ness (yep we said it, you’re awesome) is a top priority for your new business. The right website will bring in new local clients, and keep current customers engaged with your business. So when you’re creating your website, take a minute and do some research.

Check out design trends, the competition’s websites (just so you can decide how you’re going to blow theirs out of the water), and think about the experience you want your website to give your customer.

You want your website to fully represent you and your brand. It should not only educate people about the services you offer but encourage people to reach out to you and trust you with their fur-babies.

woman livestreaming on social media with her dog

Step 3: Belt It Out

You know how you sing that one song you really love in the shower? That’s how authentically you you want your social media messaging to be. Your social media messaging is your voice to the world, be you, and make it count.

Create business accounts on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to engage current clients and attract new ones. Social media gives you your own little stage to interact with all your adoring (or soon-to-be adoring) fans, so have fun with it! Post pics, share your expert knowledge, giveaways, and discounts, and keep it up to date with all your goings-on.

Step 4: Don’t Forget The Little Guy

As a business owner, it’s so easy to become focused on going after the all-important “potential” customer, that it can be easy to forget the existing one. Stay ahead of the competition by not making that mistake and instead scoop up their neglected customers. We’ll give you a minute to brush the dirt off your shoulders.

Build Customer Loyalty By:

  • Offer welcome gifts or discounts to new clients
  • Go above and beyond for existing customers
  • Use punch cards to reward repeat customers
  • Offer discounts to customers for giving good reviews
  • Schedule the next appointment during the current one
  • Keep clients in the loop about promotions and events
  • Offer referral discounts

If you’ve read this far and given us this much of your valuable time, then this article did its job and has been helpful to you. But to be honest, this was nothing. We at Zinc Insurance For Pet Care are experts in the pet care industry and there’s nothing we love more than helping and protecting business owners like you. Reach out to us today to talk about protecting and insuring the bright potential of your business!

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