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Practice Success: 10 Key Steps For Veterinarians

Degree from an AVMA-accredited school? Check.

Way too much research and legal legwork? Check.

A-for-advisor team chosen and consulted? Again, check.

Sounds like it’s time to open that practice.

We know you’re on a blazing path, just raring to go. But before you do, maybe it’s worth stepping back and taking an overall look at your business plan. Caring for patients and clients is your goal, but that takes on so many facets and can differ from case to case. You’ve got the professional pet care expertise down pat. This article is meant to shine a light on the rest.

Keys to Building Your Business

Let’s be honest: even the best vet in the business won’t last if staff is less than helpful or there’s a general lack of communication. So let’s focus on 10 keys to success for every new veterinary practice.

  1. Defined brand: The depth and width of who your company is and what it represents–every decision flows from here.
  2. Quality staff: Look for people who jive with your philosophy and company culture, then train and treat them well–don’t be blinded by résumés.
  3. Clean surroundings: Keep a tidy, sanitized, and generally pleasant office and exam room–prove that you value client and patient health.
  4. Customer service focus: Best done by listening, engaging, and happifying– be there to help, whatever the need.
  5. Tech advancements: Stay up-to-date with techniques and equipment–be dedicated to and invested in quality.
  6. Responsive communication: Variety helps–pick formats that work for you and clientele, whether they’re surveys, questionnaires, comment cards, or follow-ups. Be prepared to handle responses and adjust if need be.
  7. Solid insurance plan: Protection for your day-to-day is beyond vital–everything you’ve built is irreplaceable without it.
  8. Community presence: Building relationships and partnerships with local folks–organizations and businesses–can spread the love.
  9. Effective marketing: Define your ideal, then show potential customers what sets you apart–why are you perfect for them?
  10. Transparent policies and practices: Upfront, honest, genuine, authentic–it’s sort of a self-seller.

Another element that will go far to building relationships is serving as a resource for clients. Provide all the info they’ll ever need to care for their pets. Whether it’s a shiny new-patient handout or a snazzy website chock full of smart blogs, be the expert they’ll trust.

There are more recommendations out there, for sure. But if you get these big ones right you’ll find yourself the owner of a business that’s doing it’s best, everyday. And doing your best generally reaps happy, loyal customers. But don’t expect perfection right off the bat (we know how you overachievers are–we relate!). It can take time to reassess choices and tweak procedures until they’re just right and perfectly you.

Here with You

Our 10 keys to vet success might have opened your eyes, or reminded of what you already knew. Either way we’re happy to have you along for the read. At we are in awe of your passion and dedication on your drive toward entrepreneurship–it can feel like a long haul. We’ve been there too and understand how hard it is to build a successful business. Now that you’re on the cusp of the rest of your life, you know you need to protect what you’ve created. Protection is ideal when you don’t have to think about it–when a crisis hits, you’ll just know that you’re safe. So get in touch with our pet care insurance gurus and get some of that warm-and-fuzzy safety for your practice.

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