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Standout Pet Daycare Businesses: How They Excel and Why We Love Them

Modern pet owners see their fur babies as true blue family members. So when they leave town or have a dog that craves interaction and stimulation, they wouldn’t entrust just anyone with their best friend’s care. Enter pet daycare businesses which are uniquely suited to fill this common need. Facilities vary and span the scale in what’s offered, from basic to boutique. Here we will focus on an array of businesses that are doing it right. You’ll see how it’s possible to utilize technology and other tools to stay engaged with customers while providing quality care for their pets.

Dogtopia Homepage

Dogtopia: Interaction and Amenities in Waco, Texas

With a great name like Dogtopia, a customer would expect this company to provide everything necessary to create the ideal canine experience. And they deliver, from doing a great job relating to new “pet parents” to clearly setting expectations and sharing important information about a pet’s first time “Meet and Greet.” Right off the bat they put customers at ease, emphasizing the importance of training and professionalism in all they do. Clear communication about day-to-day operations and the pets’ care for is key for pet owners.

But here’s what we really love – Dogtopia has its own app! This mobile application allows customers to utilize the curbside drop-off and pick-up feature and generally keeps everyone connected. Another standout use of technology is Doptopia’s live streaming webcams that keep customers within sight of their pet throughout the day. Especially for new pet owners, this feature could be the key to peace of mind and confidence in Dogtopia’s services.

Dogtopia Webcams

Dogtopia makes ideal use of social media accounts, featuring relevant and up-to-date information. They encourage involvement via their engaging posts and are quick to respond to comments and questions. This level of attention to clients and followers is key for a social media platform to help your business build a client base. It’s also vital to position your company in a professional light and to portray yourself as an expert in your field.

When potential clients are ready to make an appointment, they can easily schedule right from Dogtopia’s site. Contact forms are readily accessible and clients can quickly set up an online account. Important information is right at their fingertips, from a run-down of team members to pricing and a collection of relevant and informative blog articles. We also love Dogtopia’s dedicated FAQ page which both eases customer’s minds and disseminates key information while also providing valuable data for search results. Dogtopia’s love of dogs shines through – they’re doing a great job!

Houston Bark Park: Innovative and Involved in Houston, Texas

Part of caring well for pets is understanding the conditions that provide optimal comfort and stimulation for dogs of all types. Houston Bark Park has that down pat, and their website showcases their innovative solutions for keeping pets cool in the Texas heat. Their name is catchy and memorable and includes a location identifier that is key for online searches.

Houston Bark Park - Amenities

Besides their quality pet care center, they also appeal to clients with a few key standout online features. Clients can use their customer portal to customize their experience and Houston Bark Park also provides an easily accessible registration form that clients can fill out after following a link from the main site. This makes followup contact seamless and simple for the client.

Houston Bark Park does a great job of including lots of information for customers on their site, including an introduction to the owners and staff, along with a wide-ranging FAQ section. Knowing what will happen at the park ahead of time gives potential customers the confidence to reach out and make an appointment. But our favorite feature of this and many of our featured pet daycares is the live streaming videocam – who doesn’t love live-action dog play, especially when it’s your own fur baby? Social media is also well-used for announcements, general information, and spotlight pet features. This keeps followers involved and primed for regular content. Reviews are also linked, which is valuable information to share with potential customers, and being listed on a local site like Yelp is key to showing up in search results. Keep it up Houston Bark Park!

Stay. A Modern Dog Hotel Homepage

Stay. A Modern Dog Hotel: Class and Care in Chicago, Illinois

Right off the bat, the reference in this business name is purposeful and brings a smile – factors to remember when choosing yours. Stay’s site operates much like a typical hotel site, with images of available rooms, full specs, and online booking. Key to their user experience is their bespoke mobile app, which is a stellar use of technology. Clients are already using their phones for a host of other services and tasks, utilizing an app for pet daycare just makes sense.

The site also does a great job of listing available amenities and add-on services for the ultimate pup experience. FAQs abound and information is readily available for clients to consume. Grouping relevant services into one location – like boarding and grooming – is a strategy to build sales, but it also makes things more convenient for the customer. Including all pertinent information on the website is a great way to get listed in search results for both services. Another feature that we think is pretty smart is Stay’s event space rental options. It’s novel and niche and just the sort of versatile service you should include on your website to get noticed. Stay, we like your style!

Homedog: Heart and Home in Columbus, Ohio

This pet daycare’s name and logo align with its mission–that’s key when naming your business. It’s also a cute pun on a common term, and we love all that interplay. Homedog wants to help reduce the number of homeless and abandoned dogs by fostering the bonds between pets and owners. They lay out their philosophy and clearly show how their services can help busy pet parents to hold onto their furry friends while still taking care of business and family. We love the practicality of this premise. Homedog has found a need and they’re filling it!

Homedog utilizes several social media platforms, and especially relies on Facebook Messenger to readily communicate with clients through their site. This could be a great way to keep in touch with clients while also making them aware of your social media accounts and encouraging a following. And Homedog does go above and beyond to keep customers connected. Their six social media accounts feature prominently on their site, and they utilize a variety of platforms that appeal to various demographics. We think that’s key.

Homedog HomieCam

Another great feature is Homedog’s “Super Cute Homie Cam” which enables customers to see their dogs throughout the day, in real time. This feature is key across the board, and should be a given for any new or aspiring pet daycare business. Folks are more connected than ever and offering them the security of real time check-ins is a big draw. We also love how easy Homedog makes it for pet parents to schedule a boarding assessment with an easy-to-fill-out form that lives happily on the boarding informational page. Homedog is keeping it real!

Club Diogi: Enrichment and Exclusivity in Atlanta, Georgia

The name says it all – Club Diogi is an exclusive pampering and entertainment zone for your favorite pup. And who doesn’t want to be part of the club? Great job on that branding, Club Diogi. Cute twist on the name, too (get it, D-O-G?).

These factors, combined with the fact that they have size limitations on the dogs they will board, show that they have done their market research – they know their demographics and ideal customers and that information has informed their choices. And the owner has clearly taken to heart the advice to ‘do what you know,’ as small dogs seem to be a love of hers, too. In fact the business grew out of a need that she saw in her own life. Those sorts of origin stories are compelling and let clients know that you’re in this for the health and wellbeing of the dogs, first and foremost. Business growth naturally follows that kind of passion.

Club Diogi caters to busy people who still want an enriching life for their pets. So the company even offers local pet transportation services. Special services or features that set your business apart need to be highlighted on your website. This helps in search results and will work to attract the kind of client you’re looking for. Club Diogi also makes good use of various social media platforms and they’ve ventured into something that we would advocate for every petcare business that can swing it – they have their own podcast! If you have unique experience or expertise, use that to your advantage and share what you know. And remember too that folks who will listen to a podcast might not want to scroll through Facebook, so repurposing information across your channels and platforms can help to attract and retain all sorts of loyal followers. Keep us coming back for more, Club Diogi!

Club Diogi Podcast

WagaLot Homepage

Wag-a-Lot: Fun and Exploration in Atlanta, Georgia

From the name, to the story told via Schmoo the dog, and the site copy that’s rife with puns, it’s clear that at Wag-a-Lot they don’t take themselves too seriously. But they clearly put high priority on dog health and wellbeing. Their motto, “Life is short. Live a little...Wag-a-Lot” is aimed at a certain crowd. They even make note of this, admitting that they are all about seizing the day and like their clients to be on the same page. The clear lesson here is that there’s no need to be shy – say what you stand by. Be yourself and work to find clients who feel the same. This is a great way to build a community and to keep clients connected and engaged.

Another standout from Wag-a-Lot that will definitely engage customers is their wide array of social platforms. Beyond the classic four, Wag-a-Lot is also utilizing Flickr to feature new daily shots of their cute customers, and an original Spotify playlist so that pet owners can know what their dogs are listening to on any given day or night. Now that’s a quaint way to keep everyone connected and to foster communication – we are impressed! They also plan to bring in “doggie drive-in” to further entertain those precious pets. Like many other pet daycares, Wag-a-Lot features “Wag Cams” that allow clients to tune in and see their pets in real time. We also love that there is an entire page dedicated to press coverage with thumbnails of the linked publications. Great uses of technology all around, Wag-a-Lot!

Doguroo Homepage

Doguroo: Personal and Knowledgeable in Atlanta, Georgia

From their hybrid name that is a mashup of “dog” and “guru,” to their catch phrase – The Whole Dog Experience – it’s clear that Doguroo takes a holistic approach to their work. At the same time, the light-hearted spelling shows a comfortable level of silliness. Choosing an appropriate name is key, and can communicate so much.

Doguroo’s site answers the burning questions that new clients might have, and allays worries with clear and concise information. Their philosophy is simple and they keep the site pared down too – the ethos is a thread that runs through. As is now the established norm for standout pet daycare businesses, live cams allow clients to see their pets throughout the day. And Doguroo adds value to their services by offering grooming and a wide range of healthy foods. They are active on social media and especially utilize Facebook for offers and sales. Tying everything together and keeping fluidity across a brand will create a cohesive image that’s familiar and comfortable for clients. Keep it up, Doguroo!

Pet lounging in a comfortable pet daycare.

Strong Protection Lets You Follow Your Passion

We just love the smart ways that these pet daycare businesses are connecting with clients and using technology to further success. At Zinc, we are just as dedicated to offering you the most valuable insurance experience possible. Our tailored policies mean that you can pursue your pet daycare dreams with a strong safety net in place. That way you can focus on business, while your peace of mind allows you to stay innovative and motivated. All the while we’ll be here ensuring that your business is protected, come what may.

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