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Standout Pet Store Businesses: What They're Doing Right and Why We Love Them

Recent years have seen a huge increase in pet ownership. Pair folks’ newfound pet love with an ongoing, general shift toward holistic petcare, and it’s clear that there is a market just waiting to spring into growth. Nature-inspired diets aren’t just on-trend, they’re often backed by science and are likely here to stay. Beyond specialized nutrition, niche petcare options and boutique accessories aren’t always available in big box retailers. Smaller pet stores have an ‘in’ and right now is a great time to reinvent, rechannel, or finally realize the dream of owning a pet store.

But as we’ve discussed previously, a lot goes into a new pet store’s success. Here we’ll explore some real life examples and highlight key takeaways to be gained from these standout pet stores.

Krisers Homepage


Kriser's: In Touch and Accessible in Chicago, Illinois

We will always promote a strong online presence for any new pet store. You want your business to show high in search results, and to give customers everything they are looking for when they decide to visit your site. Kriser’s shows us how it’s done. Their site is highly interactive, with a chat window featuring prominently on the home page. It can be minimized, but it’s key to know that should a customer have a question about a product or service, someone with a quick answer will be just a click away.

Email signup is encouraged, which means that Kriser’s most likely has a newsletter or regularly published blog post that keeps customers engaged. Email lists are proprietary, so it’s an invaluable tool for reaching customers. Sales, news, updates, and announcements can be readily shared and seen.

The site is comprehensive and well-organized, featuring an extensive catalog of blogs that cover topics relevant to pet owners. Social media icons are clearly visible and are another tool this company uses to connect with customers, who can keep up-to-date with specials, or even investigate employment.

But our favorite, standout feature of this stellar site is their accessibility page. Easy physical access in a brick and mortar location is key to offering a welcoming space to all customers, but let’s not forget about your store’s online presence. An icon on the home page opens a menu that allows site users to alter visual parameters, enable site-reading, remove distractions or over-stimulation, and generally tweak the experience to one that’s best suited to their individual needs. We applaud Kriser’s for their thoughtful site design and their desire to be inclusive of each and every customer. That’s a good philosophy for business, but it also speaks to a company’s ethos and core values. Bravo!

City Dog Market Homepage

City Dog Market: Comprehensive and Convenient in Atlanta, Georgia

When appealing to a specific clientele, it’s a great idea to offer a variety of goods and services that potential customers are looking for, housing them all under one roof. City Dog market has this key step covered. Despite their name, this pet store features food options for both cats and dogs and breaks their website into these two distinct categories. Clients can easily peruse by pet type, or investigate a host of service options, like dog training, a convenient DIY wash station, pet nutrition and counseling, and an array of healthy baked treats. They also feature adoptable pets at their stores which helps local shelters and is a lovely way to give back to the community.

We especially love that City Dog Market caters to client needs, offering curbside pickup and local delivery options. Many stores may offer these services, but dedicating space on the site to both explaining and encouraging these purchasing options means that clients who may be searching for these services can easily find what they need. Inclusion is vital for any business that hopes to thrive and build lasting relationships with clients and the greater community.

Another key feature on the site are the 360-view looks into City Dog Market’s store and dog-washing station. Using technology to familiarize clients with the interior of your store can answer a lot of questions that might come up and just add a certain level of comfort and familiarity. This is especially true for new customers. We love that spirit of making things easy for clients and spelling things out upfront. This can help to attract new customers and to retain them in the future. City Dog Market also utilizes various social media platforms to feature specials and offer relevant, pet-themed content. All plusses in our book!

Fangs and Fur Homepage

Fangs & Fur: Focused and Dedicated in Columbus, Ohio

Niche is quickly becoming commonplace as pet owners seek to give their fur babies optimal nutrition – they are part of the family, after all! Fangs & Fur gets this, and is passionate about offering the highest quality, most nutritionally dense food options for cats and dogs. This statement sums it up: “If we wouldn't feed it to our pets, we wouldn't sell it to you for yours!” Their site features an information-packed page explaining the reasons behind their pet food philosophy. Also, their undeniably cute and catchy name clearly indicates the sorts of pets they cater to.

Fangs & Fur is proud to be a local, independent, and owner-operated shop and their site reflects this. Reading through selections, clients can definitely catch a comfortable, friendly vibe, down to their relatable origin story. We love that they clearly lay out what is offered and commit to never oversell or carry what they deem to be “unnecessary pet supplies.” They are focused on offering what clients need to keep pets healthy, nothing more, nothing less. This “no bones” approach will definitely appeal to a certain demographic, which Fangs & Fur likely knows.

Fangs and Fur Reviews

One aspect of this and other sites that we really love is their online review page. This page compiles reviews from various sources, consolidating helpful details and opinions for client reference. Remember: reviews shouldn’t be misconstrued as a way to brag. Instead, they offer key data that clients will use to decide whether it’s worth their while to investigate a new store. If possible, we think that including informative, varied reviews is a great idea to boost search results while giving potential customers a true feel for your company. Well done, Fangs & Fur!

Mutts & Co Homepage

Mutts & Co: Convenience and Community in Columbus, Ohio

Clarity in messaging is priority on any pet store’s website. You want clients to immediately know your focus and to accurately set expectations. Mutts & Co.’s tagline – Natural Pet Center – does this well. They only feature high-quality pet food and treats and pride themselves on making pet health and nutrition experts available to clients. Mutts & Co. works hard to be in the know on the latest product and health information. It’s clear that they view your pet as a bonafide member of your family and strive to cater to every pet’s individual needs. This very real testament to their commitment and passion for petcare comes across loud and clear.

On their homepage, Mutts & Co. immediately appeals to “busy pet parents” by featuring their online ordering, delivery, and pick-up services. We also love the quick reference, interactive banner that links customers to their favorite pet food brands with easily identifiable logos. This feature lends itself to their convenience-focused messaging and streamlines the client experience. Links to social media accounts and especially their Youtube page offer tips and real life stories while also featuring brands and services. Videos are an outstanding way to connect with clients and showcase your skills and knowledge.

The site is easy to navigate and well-organized, which is key for a busy customer. Mutts & Co. offers grooming and self-serve dog washing stations, services which are clearly explained and priced online. The best bit here is that a busy pet owner can easily schedule a grooming appointment, right from the store’s website. This use of technology plays well to the store’s “convenient” message, and the informative write up is a great way to boost online visibility.

Last and never least, this business is committed to their local community and dedicated to finding homes for local rescue and shelter pets. And they use their website as a way to interact with folks in the community who are looking to make a difference. Great work, Mutts & Co.!

Nature's Select Homepage

Nature's Select of Northeast Ohio: Quality and Convenience in Medina, Ohio

Nature’s Select has chosen a name that gets straight to the heart of what they do – formulating high-quality, nutritive foods that fulfill a dog’s natural requirements to live a healthy life. And this thread is woven through the messaging in every part of their site. Nature’s Select does all they can to be transparent about the ingredients they use in their recipes, and they take the time to fully explain how their proprietary formulas address pet health. We really like these points, because they put a customer’s mind at ease while also creating an educational opportunity.

Including data- and science-driven information on your web page portrays you as the expert. And well-written, keyword-dense text could even help your business to show up in search results. Nature’s Select prominently features their latest blog articles that dive into practical topics for every dog owner. Driving traffic to various parts of your website is good for your online presence, and it’s helpful for clients when key information is laid out in an easy-to-digest format. Their FAQ page is comprehensive and another great resource for curious clients.

We also love that Nature’s Select goes far in utilizing a wide array of social media platforms, readily sharing images, videos, and tips. Turning customers into followers and then working to keep them engaged can help to build loyalty and to grow your business. Convenience is also key to most customers, and Nature’s Select is committed to helping clients who are best served by home delivery. They freely advertise this service on their site, which is key if a potential client is searching online for these terms. All in all, we like what you’re doing Nature’s Select!

Stay Protected and Follow Your Passion

We can’t get enough of the impressive ways that these businesses are connecting with clients and using technology to find success. At Zinc, we are just as dedicated to making your insurance experience a valuable one. Our tailored policies are what a pet store owner needs to be sure that they can pursue their dreams while maintaining a strong safety net. So go ahead – keep providing amazing customer service while taking care of those precious pets. Feel free to stay innovative and motivated, knowing that we’ll be here ensuring your protection, come what may.

This blog post does not provide insurance advice and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional insurance advice from a licensed representative. Never ignore professional insurance advice because of something you have read in this blog post. Contact your licensed representative if you have any questions about your insurance policy.