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Standout Pet Training Businesses: What They've Got Right and What We Love

With more first time pet owners out there, the importance of pet training is gaining traction. Folks are spending more time with pets and noticing behaviors that could use some tweaking, but perhaps they aren’t sure how to handle it. As pet parents take to the web to find virtual or in-person pet training professionals, you’ll want to be sure that your business shows up in their search results. Let’s take a look at some examples of great techniques, uses of technology, and examine the key elements of a successful pet training venture.

Wag The Dog NYC: Convenient and Compassionate in New York, New York

As with any field, theories and techniques change over time. Wag The Dog has fully embraced what they like to call “Effective Pain-Free Real World Training.” Their focus is on the positive and the owner’s background works in tandem with this approach. We love that they’ve spelled out this philosophy clearly, as it’s likely going to be a draw to the sort of demographic that they are trying to reach. As we’ve mentioned before, if there is anything that has formed your business approach or strongly affects your work, it’s a good idea to let potential clients know. This way, they can better find what they’re looking for and have realistic expectations about how you will help their pet.

Let’s dive into this name. Wag The Dog is a relatively common expression, understood to mean that something seemingly small and unimportant can end up controlling a larger, more significant entity. And doesn’t that fit perfectly? A wagging tail is a sign of a happy dog, and a happy dog is more willing to be molded by training efforts. This is a smart company name that sets them apart and carries a subtext that jives really well with the overall ethos of their brand. 

When it comes to the courses offered, Wag The Dog makes it easy for clients to get started with clear terms of each class laid out online, along with pricing and key questions that can help clients to find the best service for their pet. They provide an easy-to-use contact form directly on their site so that once a client has narrowed down their choice, the experts at Wag The Dog can follow up and be sure that the client has chosen the ideal option. We enjoy their testimonial page that features sweet images of the pets they’ve helped, along with pet parents’ thoughts. This is a great way for potential clients to get a feel for your company and see their own situation or pet reflected in your business.

Another feature that definitely sets this pet training company apart is that they work with cats also. This service features prominently across platforms and on their website, as any standout or unique service should. And like any good business in the 21st century, Wag The Dog makes good use of social media to share announcements, updates, and adorable pet pics. They also utilize the Community tab on Facebook to stay engaged with clients and followers. Way to use your connections – keep it up, Wag The Dog!

Anything's Pawzible Website Homepage

Anything Is PAWZible: Motivation and Positivity in Chicago, Illinois

The company’s name is clearly a light-hearted mashup between the subjects and the training methods, and there’s no harm in having a little fun, especially when it works to convey the ethos of the business. At Anything Is PAWZible, the owner’s background in psychology gives her a unique edge in the pet training industry. Since she can approach the training process from both a human and pet’s perspective, she offers a more holistic vision of what a well-trained pet can be. These are the precise bits of personal information that should pepper your website. Definitely share relevant facts about yourself and your team that will build a potential clients’ confidence in your abilities, and that position you as an expert. Anything Is PAWZible also prides itself on being one of the only facilities in Chicago that is exclusively devoted to training and behavior modification, and they make mention of this on the site. Anything that can set you apart from the pack is a key component of what makes your business special and should be proudly shared.

Like many other smart pet training companies, Anything Is PAWZible is utilizing technology to continue servicing clients and their pets from a distance. In fact, a local news channel even covered them for their quick and decisive actions taken to preserve trainers’ jobs and customers’ progress. They offer virtual consultation and training, and including these services on their website will go far to upping their ranking in local search results. Pricing is clearly laid out and customers can click to submit a request to get started by creating an account and signing up for classes.

Another useful element of the site includes an FAQ page that answers a host of questions that potential clients could have. A nice array of articles, full of tips and expert opinions, works to position the company as a source of knowledge and reliable information. Anything Is PAWZible has also built connections within the community, and recommends reliable businesses to service other needs their clients could have, like exercise, grooming, and veterinary care. Way to take care of your clients Anything Is PAWZible, we like what we’re seeing!

Shelby Semel Dog Training: Respect and Collaboration in New York, New York

Owning a pet is ultimately about forging and maintaining a relationship. Shelby Semel Dog Training sets out to help owners do just that, and they clearly state their objectives on their site. 

A full page of press coverage connects site visitors to various articles that have featured the company and can give potential clients a good feel for what to expect. Shelby Semel Dog Training also utilizes various social media channels and a local directory to stay in touch with clients, engage their audience, and offer available reviews. They also feature a newsletter as a way to receive news and class updates – it’s smart to give customers a valuable reason and incentive for signing up.

Both in-person activities and virtual classes are offered for clients’ convenience and safety, and signup is easy, right from the site. And as so many smart pet training companies do, Shelby Semel Dog Training offers comprehensive FAQs that will satisfy a curious customer. Their blog articles present loads of tips and relevant information for at-home work, featuring clients’ pets, easy tricks, and regular “Tip of the Month” articles. 

One standout statement on the site is: “We welcome questions and encourage updates, by email or phone as much as you need, free of charge!” We love that communication via multiple methods or technologies is both possible and encouraged. Keeping in touch with clients is key, and Shelby Semel Dog Training is doing a top job there! They also have a diverse and curated array of workshops, including training that is specific to living in a big city, and that addresses other common life events, like welcoming a baby, or adding to the fur family. Listing these specific training options is key for getting your site in front of folks who are searching for the services you offer. We also appreciated Shelby Semel Dog Training’s lists of resources for related pet services – they obviously have community connections and are advocates for quality, across the spectrum. If you have partnerships or simply know of other pet-related businesses that you respect, promoting them could show that you’re a team player and really out for the best of the pets. What you’re doing is working Shelby Semel Dog Training, so stay the path!

Instinct Training Homepage

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training: Help and Hope in New York, New York

While dogs run on instinct, the goal of a pet training business is to rework those instinctual signals to achieve a desired outcome. But techniques haven’t always been in the dog’s best interest. As part of this batch of positively focused trainers, Instinct Dog Behavior & Training stands out, being “born from a desire to keep more dogs in homes and out of shelters.” The owners and trainers want to foster love that’s built on knowledge through a practical, kind, and professional approach to dog training. We think it’s key to include these sorts of values and principles on any pet training site – anything that will help clients to relate to you and your company is key. 

Like other savvy pet trainers, Instinct Dog Behavior & Training utilizes social media for reviews, updates, and to connect with the greater community. They make it clear, across all platforms, that they are there to help and to serve as a resource to clients. We really appreciate that Instinct Dog Behavior & Training tailors training to clients and their pets, customizing each program. For owners with more challenging pets, who feel that classes would be too hard, this feature could be a standout. 

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training’s site is clear and easy to navigate and showcases a wide array of services. We love that their blog is up-to-date and chock full of relevant, useful information for pet owners. One standout for us is their live, on-demand access to certified dog trainers and behavior consultants via their Pup Line, which is a unique way to get immediate feedback on training issues. This is a novel service and so appealing to today’s client base. Better still are their free educational and instructional videos, available to anyone. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training also operates a podcast, which is an always available way to reach clients’ ears while building value for your services and expertise. They offer free instructional videos on Youtube as well, and generally offer well-rounded advice, coming in varied forms and formats which are regularly updated and added to. These sorts of things are what we like to see and they will help Instinct Dog Behavior & Training to boost engagement and will position them as experts. This company has done a lot that’s worth imitating – bravo!

DogWorx: Experience and Empathy in Savannah, Georgia

DogWorx is ready to help clients make the pet-owner relationship successful, to make it work. Born out of their own experience and training needs, DogWorx takes a grassroots sort of approach – they know what’s key to achieving a happy, balanced dog. This practical approach resonates, and it’s a great down-to-earth way to communicate with clients. DogWorx takes on particularly challenging dogs and relishes the opportunity to build a positive relationship between owners and their pets.

A detailed FAQ section helps potential clients to make the right decisions, and can provide the SEO help that a site could need to rank higher in search results – DogWorx has that avenue covered. They also feature an array of helpful and well-produced videos on their social media channels to give customers a taste of the sort of services they will receive. Visuals like this can be invaluable both when attracting new clients and when reinforcing training sessions for existing clientele. And DogWorx shows how much they value clients, offering exclusive services and benefits to dogs and owners that are part of their “family.” It’s also simple to get started with training, right from the site. All in all, DogWorx does a great job in communicating and showing site visitors what they are about and how they can help. Great job DogWorx!

Young woman and her dog training with hand gestures. Outdoor scene with camp equipment for jumping.

Passion and Protection, Hand In Hand

We are so impressed by these pet training businesses. The varied and technology-driven methods that they are using to connect with clients are worth noting and implementing. At Zinc, we are just as dedicated to our clients – we want your insurance experience to be a valuable one. Our tailored policies are just what a pet trainer needs to navigate a shifting industry while still pursuing dreams. So keep on worrying about customers and pets, but leave protection to us. We’ll be here, looking out for your business so that you can stay innovative and motivated.

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