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Groomers and Pets: Well-Styled Protection

From household favorites to rare show specimens–your clients can run the gamut. And as a professional groomer, client health and safety are just as important as their looking good. But what happens when they have a bad day, and things go awry? That’s when you’ll want to turn to a trustworthy expert.

Designing Protection

We know you’re a skilled professional–we aren’t out to point fingers or find fault. This discussion centers on the unique ‘what ifs’ you’ll encounter as a pet groomer. We’re speaking plainly because sometimes, dealing with pets is no walk in the park. Animals can have anxiety and how they let you know is usually less than ideal. It’s that unpredictability that can give you fits.

Sure, you’ve become pretty adept at reading behavioral cues, but there will always be a problem patient or fluke mishap. When all a pet wants to do is run, the potential for injury (or worse) jumps. Decisions in those heated moments could be business-changing.

Here are just a few risks that face pet groomers:

  • animal runaways
  • improper rendering of service
  • failure to render service
  • injuries to animals
  • infection or death resulting from injuries

We’re sure you’ve seen other risky situations, too. If you have a mobile business, care for a wide variety of animals, or have ventured into pet training, risks compound. Even if you’ve kept things small, situations can change quickly. That’s why you’ll want to leave room for protection. Insurance for Pet Care (IFPC) has you covered.

What We’re Offering

  • Property coverage: replacement cost for items damaged or stolen, or for damage to your place of business (i.e. fire, severe weather)
    • Includes Business Income coverage: helps protect finances so you can retain key employees and customers
  • General liability: protection from third-party slips, trips, and falls, property damage, or product-related harm
  • Professional liability: compensation for owners of pets who claim negligence or allege that advice or services caused harm
  • Inland marine (animal floater): covers animals in your care, custody, or control while on business or customer premises, or in transit
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability: protects against legal suits over damages involving employee-owned or rented vehicles used for work

Trust Your Team

Nuts and bolts are important–they stabilize your policy. But you also need to feel confident that a claim will be handled to your best outcome. That’s where a skilled service team comes in. So here’s our humble advice: look for a team of experts.

When the unimaginable happens, you don’t want to navigate phone systems or answer twenty questions–you want to talk to someone you trust. That’s why a team that has a deep knowledge of the pet care field is so important. How can you capitalize on agent know-how and years of experience? Follow this simple rule: pair a quality policy with an exceptional service team. Central Insurance’s dedicated pet care team–the gurus behind IFPC–are just that. Knowing that an expert is on your side is a game-changer.

Beyond Basics

For most professional pet groomers out there, IFPC is probably just right. But some of you might have more specific needs, paired with lingering concerns. IFPC is still in the ballpark, with friends in pretty much every sector of insurance out there. How will you know if you need more than the basics?

Take a look at the structure of your business, with an eye tuned to potential weaknesses. Any problem that’s not addressed in your policy could end up leaving serious gaps in protection. An IFPC agent can help you to see problem areas and amp up risk shields. Asking questions is the best place to begin:

  • Do I have several employees?
  • Does my business own vehicles?
  • Are client records stored digitally?
  • Is clean up of pet fur and hair a regular chore?
  • Do I own expensive, specialized equipment?

If “yes” was the recurrent theme of your answers then it could be best to think beyond a one-size policy.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Sewer and drain backup
  • Umbrella
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Cyber security

Less Worry, More Working

At we just love our clients and our feelings show. Your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for pet care separate you from the crowd, and we’re honored by your trust. It’s our goal to keep you doing what you do without stress in the face of uncertainty. We want you to be armed and ready for whatever comes.

Since pet care is an industry in flux, your needs could shift. Just know that we’ll be constantly adapting too, always ready to respond. IFPC is a high-tech approach to insurance with a vital human element–genuine concern for your interests. Add to that our specialized knowledge and dedicated team and you’ll find the solid protection your business demands. So get back to being the savvy professional you are, and leave the rest to us.