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Vets and Pets: Trust That Protects

Pet care is more specialized than ever before–it’s an industry on the move. And as a veterinary professional, client well-being is your top priority. But what happens if tech advancements and care techniques fall short? When things go wrong, everyone needs someone they can trust.

Predict Your Protection

We know you’re a passionate pro–this discussion isn’t about your expertise or ability. What we’re going to do here is get real, because life can throw some rough curveballs. You’re dealing every day with unpredictable patients who can’t tell you where it hurts. And while you’ve honed your skills to reliably diagnose and treat, there will always be a problem patient or fluke mishap. Especially when a pet’s life is at stake, you could find yourself just one decision away from a lawsuit or business closure.

It’s clear that risks abound. Here are a few unique to veterinarians:

  • medication or treatment errors
  • operating and emergency room errors
  • infections
  • failure to detect and diagnose a medical condition

We’re sure you’ve encountered other risky situations, especially if you have a large staff, operate 24 hours, or care for a wide variety of animals. And if your office operates as a teaching facility, the risks keep climbing. Situations can change quickly. That’s why you’ll want to cover bases beforehand.

Right about now is when a solid protection plan sounds really good–Insurance for Pet Care (IFPC) has you covered.

What We’re Offering

  • Property coverage: replacement cost for items damaged or stolen, or for damage to your place of business (i.e. fire, severe weather)
    • Includes Business Income coverage: helps protect finances so you can retain key employees and customers
  • General liability: protection from third-party slips, trips, and falls, property damage, or product-related harm
  • Professional liability: compensation for owners of pets who claim negligence or allege that advice or services caused harm
  • Inland marine (animal floater): covers animals in your care, custody, or control while on business or customer premises, or in transit
  • Hired and non-owned auto liability: protects against legal suits over damages involving employee-owned or rented vehicles used for work

Serving Up Trust

Now let’s get beyond policies and talk people. While protection is key, we’d argue that the folks offering the advice are just as important. So here’s our humble suggestion: look for a team of experts.

When you’re in crisis mode, maneuvering a phone system or knowing the next step could be too much to handle. So from the get-go you want to be sure that the team handling your policy questions and claims knows the veterinary field inside and out. The wild and wonderful world of pet care can bring some unusual circumstances, so capitalize on agent know-how and years of experience. Here’s a simple rule: if you want a quality policy, be sure the service team is stellar. Central Insurance’s dedicated pet care team–the gurus behind IFPC–are just that. Knowing that a well-seasoned expert is ready to help makes all the difference.

Beyond Basics

For most pet care professionals out there IFPC is a great place to start, and possibly end. But for some of you there could be outlying concerns that linger. So it’s good to know that while we’re specifically geared for pet care, we have friends who specialize in every other kind of insurance. Maybe you feel pretty confident in our coverage but are wondering if more is better? Let’s dig into this.

Take a look at the landscape of your business and zoom in on elements that could end up creating serious gaps in protection. Any IFPCagent can help you to see potential problems and find stronger risk shields. Asking questions is always a good place to start:

  • Do I have several employees?
  • Does my business own vehicles?
  • Are client records stored digitally?
  • Is clean up of pet fur and hair a regular chore?
  • Do I own expensive, specialized equipment?

If your answers sounded something like “yes, yes, and yes” then you might want to ask us about other available policies.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Auto
  • Sewer and drain backup
  • Umbrella
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
  • Cyber security

Ensure Less Worry

At we love our clients. Your entrepreneurial spirit and passion for pet care set you apart, and we’re honored by your trust. Our goal is to make your job easier by removing the stress that uncertainty brings. And as your needs shift, know that we’ll be adapting too. IFPC is high-tech protection with a vital human element–genuine concern for your interests. Pair that with specialized knowledge and you’ll find the solid protection your business demands. So get back to being the adept professional you are, and leave your worries with us.